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Turn Every Client Into Two More Using Simple Referral Marketing

How do you grow your business by turning each and every client into two more? Today we share our proactive referral marketing strategy, which is something that will help you grow your business exponentially.  Ready to go through the steps to do this? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:13) Join our FREE Facebook Group. (6:03) Creating a […]

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Create An Email Marketing Strategy Plan

How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy Plan

Do you have an email marketing strategy plan or do you write your emails with no planning? If that’s the case, then you want to find out how we plan our email campaigns quarter by quarter based on the offers we are promoting to various categories of people AND on the financial goals we set […]

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Lies That Stop You From Making Money

Lies You’ve Been Told That Are Stopping You From Making Money In Your Business

How do you run a business with profit? Because let’s face it – a business is there to make you money. And yet, there’s so much ‘advice’ out there that we think is probably holding you back from making a profit.  Basically, you’ve been lied to. And we’re here to expose these lies and tell […]

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How To Do An Email Marketing Audit

How To Audit Your Email Marketing

Have you ever done an email marketing audit? Want to find out what to check and what data to collect to improve your email marketing? Because (spoiler alert) what you think you should be doing is probably not what is going to move the needle the most for you!  Ready to take some notes?   SOME […]

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Small List Big Launch

Small List Big Launch – With Gemma Bonham-Carter

Do you think you have a small email list? How can you have a successful and profitable launch when you don’t have as many subscribers on your list as you’d like to have? This week we’re talking to Gemma Bonham-Carter about how to build a pre-launch email list (and have a BIG launch!) Are you […]

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Tell Me You're A Member Of The League

Tell Me You’re A Member Of The League Without Telling Me You’re A Member Of The League

Trying to get super good at email marketing and build your email marketing list and your business? This week we’re jumping on the latest TikTok trend (because we’re cool like that) with an episode called “Tell me you’re a member of The League without telling me you’re a member of The League”, which is a […]

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Make Offers To Maximise Sales

The Little-Known Right Order to Make Your Offers (For Maximum Sales)

Do you have a flagship product – a core product or service that you focus on with your marketing and your messaging? Today we’re sharing how you decide in what order to promote your products so you can simplify your business and your marketing and maximise your sales per subscriber.  Sounds too good to be […]

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How To Increase Your Prices

How to Increase Your Prices

Have you ever raised your prices and found that no one was rushing to buy? We’ve been there and done that. And that’s why this week we’re sharing how to increase your prices the right way by telling your audience in advance and creating urgency that will boost your sales. No matter what you sell […]

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Think Twice About Consumption Emails

Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Consumption Emails

How do you encourage your audience to consume your content? Whether it’s a free download or a paid course or a membership, how do you use your emails to inspire your subscribers or customers to use the amazing content they now have access to? Today we’re covering content consumption by sharing an exclusive panel discussion […]

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How To Do Ethical Deadlines

How to Do Deadlines Well and Ethically

So you want to use deadlines in your marketing. You want to close your offers on a particular date and time and, more than anything, make sure they work. In other words, you want to use deadlines effectively. But you also want to do it genuinely and honestly. This is no doubt one of those […]

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5 Questions From Our Group Coaching Calls

5 Questions About Email Marketing From Our Group Coaching Calls

Want to find out what we get asked inside our exclusive, members-only group coaching calls? This week we’re taking behind the scenes of the coaching calls we do inside our membership, The League. We’re going to not only share the questions about email marketing that our members ask us, but also the exact answers we […]

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What Emails Should You Send Your Paying Members?

What Emails Should You Send Your Paying Members? with Mike and Callie from Membership Geeks

Today on the podcast, we chat with our friends Mike and Callie from Membership Geeks about the emails you send once people have joined your membership. Mike and Callie know everything about memberships, and they’re sharing their best practice around email marketing for paying members. This conversation is all about the importance of communicating with […]

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Behind The Scenes Of Our Own Business Strategy Session In Manchester

Behind The Scenes of our Business Strategy Session in Manchester

This week we’re giving you something a little different – something that has less to do with email marketing and a lot more to do with how to run a business strategy session for your business. And to help you do just that, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our own business strategy weekend […]

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Turn Problems into Opportunities – Convert Haters into Sales with Laura Belgray from The Talking Shrimp

So you started sending more emails to your subscribers and now you’re getting ‘hate mail’. That’s right – some people are replying with complaints and negative feedback. And how do we deal with those? Laura Belgray, the founder of Talking Shrimp® and co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, has been a professional writer […]

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How Sheila Went from the Starting Blocks to Total Clarity – an Email Marketing Case Study

Today we have Sheila FG on the show, who is part of our membership, The League. Sheila helps podcasters and event owners find sponsors for their events. She’s been in business for years, but it’s only recently that she started creating products for her business and pivoting into coaching and consultancy. This is a fantastic […]

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