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The Truth About Customer Avatars

What We Really Think About Customer Avatars

Do you use a single customer avatar in your business? Today we’re sharing what we really think about customer avatars, why they don’t work, and what you want to use instead.  If you think (or have been led to believe) that customer avatars are the end-all and be-all, you seriously need to find out about […]

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A Comedian's Secrets to Storytelling

Comedian’s Secrets to Storytelling – With Kevin Rogers

Do you believe that marketing is storytelling? What does comedy have to do with email marketing? Can it teach us something we can use in our email marketing to deepen the connection with our audience? Copy Chief Kevin Rogers blows our minds with his unique formula for sharing your origin story in 60 seconds or […]

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Advanced Psychology Compound Curiosity

Advanced Psychology: Using Compound Curiosity

Want to know how to create clever subject lines for emails that will get you more clicks and sales? Then you need to find out about this advanced psychological strategy called compound curiosity. That’s right – it’s not just curiosity the way you may have been taught before.  This will quite literally blow your mind! Ready […]

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Get Back On The Email Marketing Wagon

How To Get Back On The Email Wagon When You Fall Off (Back To School Edition)

So you haven’t been emailing your list for a while. You’ve fallen off the email marketing wagon and now you’re wondering about the best way to get back onto it. With every day that passes, the thought of starting again fills you with even more dread. But there’s a way to do it – emailing […]

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Things We Do On Stage & Email Marketing

12 Things That We Use On Stage That Help Our Email Marketing

What do stage entertainment and email marketing have in common? As you may know, we are both from an entertainment background. Rob is a comedy hypnotist and Kennedy is a psychological mind reader (or mentalist). That means we spend a big chunk of our lives on stages using psychology to make people do certain things, […]

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Psychological Things In Our Campaigns

9 Psychological Things That We Use In All Of Our Campaigns

How do you make sure you get better results, more engagement, and more sales using email marketing campaigns? You need to understand the psychology of marketing, which is why today we’re breaking things down and sharing the 9 psychological strategies that we successfully use in all our email marketing campaigns.  Ready to discover all our […]

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What To Do About Your Unsubscribe Rate

What to do if you have a high unsubscribe rate

What do you do if you have a high unsubscribe rate? What is a high unsubscribe rate, and does it even matter? Or should we simply focus on addressing any spikes in unsubscribers instead? We hear so many people telling us they put in a lot of work to build their list just to see their […]

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Think Twice About Consumption Emails

Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Consumption Emails

How do you encourage your audience to consume your content? Whether it’s a free download or a paid course or a membership, how do you use your emails to inspire your subscribers or customers to use the amazing content they now have access to? Today we’re covering content consumption by sharing an exclusive panel discussion […]

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How To Do Ethical Deadlines

How to Do Deadlines Well and Ethically

So you want to use deadlines in your marketing. You want to close your offers on a particular date and time and, more than anything, make sure they work. In other words, you want to use deadlines effectively. But you also want to do it genuinely and honestly. This is no doubt one of those […]

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5 Questions From Our Group Coaching Calls

5 Questions About Email Marketing From Our Group Coaching Calls

Want to find out what we get asked inside our exclusive, members-only group coaching calls? This week we’re taking behind the scenes of the coaching calls we do inside our membership, The League. We’re going to not only share the questions about email marketing that our members ask us, but also the exact answers we […]

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Write Emails Using Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Write Emails Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Does Artificial Intelligence have a place in email marketing? Can you use AI tools to outsource your email writing? These are some of the questions we’re answering for you today after testing a few AI tools. Curious to learn what we found? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:12) Want to get more sales from your email marketing? […]

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How Cody Burch Increased Sales By Exactly 1000% In 1 Month With Just 10 Emails

How Cody Burch Increased Sales by Exactly 1,000% in 1 Month with Just 10 Emails

Today on the podcast we chat with Cody Burch. Cody is a member of The League and helps course creators and membership site owners launch their programs with funnels and Facebook ads through agency done-for-you work, a membership, live events, and courses. He’s here to tell us how he increased sales with email marketing by a […]

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What Emails Should You Send Your Paying Members?

What Emails Should You Send Your Paying Members? with Mike and Callie from Membership Geeks

Today on the podcast, we chat with our friends Mike and Callie from Membership Geeks about the emails you send once people have joined your membership. Mike and Callie know everything about memberships, and they’re sharing their best practice around email marketing for paying members. This conversation is all about the importance of communicating with […]

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How To Decide Whether Your Messaging Should Change In A Crisis

How To Decide Whether Your Messaging Should Change in a Crisis

In today’s special episode, we want to share some strategic-thinking processes to help you decide whether your messaging should change in a crisis. When something big happens in the world, and it affects everyone on a large scale, it can seem like everyone has a strong opinion on it. So how can we make the […]

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Create Ways To Batch Your Emails

Creative Ways to Batch Your Emails

Do you batch your emails? Can batching improve your email marketing? Does it make the process any easier or quicker? And does it help with your ideas and motivation? These are some of the questions we answer in this podcast episode and blog post. Are you ready to find out how batching can help you […]

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