Get Your Customers To Buy Again & Again

Best Email Marketing Campaign To Get Your Customers To Buy Again (And Again)

What's the best email marketing campaign to get your customers to buy from you again and again? Well, we have a few. And the reason for that is that there are plenty of ways to increase the value of your customers. 

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(4:41) The segment of your audience you're probably forgetting.
(6:30) Invest in your existing customers. 
(9:23) Why you need an email engine.
(12:34) Why you need a customer engine.
(16:16) How to increase the value of your customers through upgrades. 
(18:23) How to increase the value of your customers by offering other products.
(20:53) How to increase the value of your customers through referrals or affiliates.
(22:47) How will you encourage your customers to buy from you again and again?
(26:15) Subject line of the week.

The segment of your audience you're probably forgetting

Getting subscribers to buy from you is something we all have to do and one of the most challenging things you'll have to do in your business. You need them to trust you and get to the point where they're ready to make that first transaction with you. And that requires effort. So the faster you can do it, the better. Because every day that goes by that someone isn't a customer yet, the more resistance they experience, and the harder it gets.

But there's another segment in your audience that you need to put attention to. Because while it's not often talked about, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you ignore it. We're talking about your existing customers – the people who have already bought from you. Because now you want them to buy from you again and again.

Invest in your existing customers

It's easy enough to think that once someone’s bought from you, you need to move on and find someone else. But this person has proven a few things to you. First of all, they've proven they have a credit card and are prepared to use it to buy online. But the most important thing they've proven is that they're happy spending money with you. So now they only need a little nudge to be able to buy more.

Why? Because you built value and reputation with your customers – they already trust you. So they want to continue working with you because it's easier, less risky, and more enjoyable than having to go and find someone else and figure out if they can be trusted.

So what's the best email marketing campaign to get your existing customers to buy more from you? There are a few campaigns you can use, depending on what option you choose. But let's talk about engines for a minute. 

Why you need an email engine 

You’ve probably heard us talk about our email engine before. It's the tool that helps us convert subscribers into customers. But we also have what we call a customer engine. To put this into context, we consider our membership The League our core product – our ‘Rome', because all roads lead to it. What does that mean? That we want everyone on our email list to eventually become a member and get results through our membership. So in the most simplistic terms, our email engine is about showing people different offers to take a look at our core product.

Once they join, people can see how simple and effective email marketing can be. Our members can grab campaigns and deploy them and see how fast and predictable their sales become. And as for us, we have the opportunity to ask them if they want more. It’s our chance to take this relationship further. And this is where our customer engine comes in.

To us, an ‘engine' is a series of timed automated email campaigns and sequences that make offers and push our subscribers to take specific actions. We have a string of these campaigns that run automatically to every new subscriber who comes into our business. If someone opts in today, they don’t just start receiving our broadcast emails – they go through our engine of automated email campaigns. Of course, we have several campaigns now (made of multiple emails each), but we started with just one.

And each of those campaigns is designed to sell your core product or service from a slightly different angle. That's why we have them running automatically in the background every single day and making sales for us. No matter how many subscribers come through to our list, they're all going through a predictable, consistent, prepared, and optimised process that helps them become customers for the first time. And that’s our email engine. But it’s not the only one we have.

Why you need a customer engine

The other engine we have is our customer engine, and that kicks in when someone has purchased our main product. So when people join our membership The League, they get an email with the login details and an onboarding sequence. The point of this campaign is to help people consume what they purchased and remind them of the value of your product.

For example, inside our membership, we have our Consumption and Refund Killer campaign. These are designed to show people the value of our product so they feel motivated to go and consume it. 

But that’s just the beginning. Now you need to make sure you don't wait too long for your customers to get results with the product they bought from you. Take this into your own hands because you can't hang the success of your business on the ability of your customers to maybe use your product. You want them to take action and get results.

So while you encourage them to go and consume your product, don’t wait for them to do that before you start selling to them. Instead, get them to look at other things that are going to help them. This is the bit of the customer engine that's about increasing the value of your customers by getting them to spend more money. And the only way you can do that is by delivering more value than the price you’re asking for. Because that’s the only way we can sustainably and consistently sell anything.

And there are a few ways to do this.

The Top 10 Books To 'Power Up' Your Email Marketing

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How to increase the value of your customers through upgrades

One option to increase the value of your customers is to offer them the chance to upgrade what they bought from you. For example, if you sell a monthly membership or subscription, you can offer an upgrade to the annual option. That way, you're not only giving your customers a saving on their membership but also ensuring you're keeping them for longer (and increasing your revenue). 

Or, you could offer them a premium level of membership. This isn't about taking anything out of your core programme, especially if that might stop people from getting results. It’s about offering something extra and giving your customers access to something more. 

How to increase the value of your customers by offering other products

Another option is to consider any other products that could help someone in their journey with you. It could be about the same topic or an unrelated one, but there must be a specific reason why they should buy this product as well as the previous one.

Whatever you offer needs to be something that helps people get better results with what you’re selling so it works together and alongside it, rather than competing with it. The idea isn't that what you sell is incomplete. You're just trying to get people to improve their results by offering this additional product.

Another way of increasing the value of your customers is by introducing a done-for-you option. For example, we have an email campaign that’s dedicated to promoting our agency. And that’s for people who want to have someone step in and do their email marketing for them. So the idea here is to look for additional products or services that will stack on top of the thing people have already bought. And that’s either because the products or services are related or because they’re the same topic but with an additional level of delivery. It’s about finding a way to help people get results faster or better.

How to increase the value of your customers through referrals or affiliates

Another strategy for you to consider is running an email marketing campaign inside your engine that introduces a referral or affiliate programme for your product. Can you get your customers a good deal or a discount on a particular product? This isn’t something you sell, but an external product you’re happy to recommend. We do this through our Encore campaign. This particular campaign gives you a way of upselling that doesn’t feel high pressure while still creating the personal urgency that makes someone decide they want to buy from you.

Or you could use affiliate offers. If you don’t have anything else to sell that’s related to what you do, someone else in the marketplace will. You can become an affiliate of their programme and promote that offer to your audience. For example, there are bits of software or tools that we use that we're happy to recommend to our members. And that’s simply because they’re excellent – we know they work, and we can show people how to do what we teach in the most efficient way. It makes sense for us to promote those products, and we might as well get paid for the recommendation!

How will you encourage your customers to buy from you again and again?

So what happens in your business when someone buys from you and gets to the end of your delivery email? You’ve done the hard work of getting them over the line and becoming a customer for the first time. What are you going to do now to encourage them to buy again? How will you make sure you don't leave money on the table?

We do this through our email and customer engines, which (by the way) are not finished – they're never finished! Because we have massive opportunities to continue to add email campaigns to these engines. And you can take these opportunities too!

Hopefully, the ideas we shared here will help you think more laterally about what you can do to increase the value you deliver to people. The key is to not make people feel like you've abandoned them after they bought from you. You built that rapport, so now focus on deepening that relationship even further. 

If you’re already a member of The League, you have access to all the best email marketing campaigns that will help you employ these strategies. And if you’re not and would like to amplify and multiply how much you make from your existing customers and subscribers, go and check it out


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Subject line of the week

This week's subject line is “My childhood lies.” And it’s an email Rob has used in different niches. The story is about the white lies that your parents tell you when you’re a child – the harmless things, such as what they say to get you to eat your veggies, for example. The subject line worked because it sounds a bit ominous and serious. Plus, it raises curiosity so people open the email to find out more. Have a similar story to tell that's related to your business? Try it out! 

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