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lead magnet email sequence

How To Create A Lead Magnet Email Sequence That Gets Your Subscribers To LOVE You

How do you deliver your lead magnets? Do you have a lead magnet email sequence? If you want to know how to create a follow-up campaign that will increase your deliverability and get your subscribers to absolutely love you, you want to take notes about this.   So stop what you’re doing and read or […]

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fix traffic problem

Fix Your Traffic Problem For Good, With Todd Brown

Are you struggling to build your email list? Do you think you have a traffic problem? Then think again! Because today, Todd Brown explains exactly why list building has absolutely nothing to do with traffic (zero, nil, null) and everything to do with maths and economics. Ready to learn how to fix your traffic problem […]

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lead magnet email sequence

WTF Is An Automated Customer Journey? Use the SCORE Method

WTF is an automated customer journey and why do you need to worry about it? How does marketing automation apply to email marketing, and why on earth are we still using the term ‘customer journey’ when we mean something else entirely?  Grab yourself a hot cuppa and sit comfortably because you’re about to find out […]

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ChatGPT email marketing

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About AI For Email Marketing

Can you use AI for email marketing? Everyone is talking about ChatGPT at the moment. Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have seen or heard something about AI or even tried it yourself. So can tools such as ChatGPT help with your email copywriting?  Let’s dive into all this!  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:48) Join […]

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6 Amazing Things The Best Marketing Email Platforms Can Now Do

6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Email Marketing Platform Could Do

What if your email marketing platform could do more than you think it can? What if there was a super simple way for you to do some things that sound very technical – and something that only big companies with huge budgets could do? Well, we’re here to show you 6 amazing things that the […]

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Made $90k With Automated Webinars

How Brad Brown Made $90k By Automating Webinars

Do you run live webinars and promote them through your email marketing? Have you ever thought about switching to automated webinars? Oh, the possibilities… You see – one of our members, Brad Brown, went from running two live webinars a week to an automated one. And here he shared the story of how he made […]

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Get Your Customers To Buy Again & Again

Best Email Marketing Campaign To Get Your Customers To Buy Again (And Again)

What’s the best email marketing campaign to get your customers to buy from you again and again? Well, we have a few. And the reason for that is that there are plenty of ways to increase the value of your customers.  Want to get all the juicy stuff on this?  Let’s go!  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: […]

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Email Marketing Automation Mistakes

Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Do you feel confident about your email marketing automation strategy? In the work we do, we see people make some common mistakes when running email campaigns, which is why inside our membership The League we teach people how to make their email automation simple by using something we call the email engine. Want to find out […]

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Have Success With Facebook Groups

How Facebook Groups and Webinars Make Matthew Harrington a Happy Man

Is there a link between Facebook Groups, webinars, and email marketing? Can they all work together? We asked League member Matthew Huntington from the Behaviorist Book Club how he used his Facebook group to welcome new members and convert them into paying customers following our advice. Matthew’s story is phenomenal. He went from hardly being […]

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Create An Email Marketing Strategy Plan

How To Create An Email Marketing Strategy Plan

Do you have an email marketing strategy plan or do you write your emails with no planning? If that’s the case, then you want to find out how we plan our email campaigns quarter by quarter based on the offers we are promoting to various categories of people AND on the financial goals we set […]

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The Three Types Of Email Campaigns

The Only Email Marketing Campaign Types You’ll Ever Need

Did you know there are only THREE email marketing campaign types you’ll ever need to know about and use in your business? That’s right. Inside our membership The League we have more than 30 email campaigns that our members can literally copy and deploy in their own businesses. But they all come down to these […]

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How To Increase Your Open Rates

How To Increase Your Open Rates (They’re Wrong But…)

Want to know how to increase the open rate of your emails? We talked about open rates before. And you’ll probably already know that we believe they’re wrong.  But regardless of what the data says (and whether it’s right or wrong), you still want people to open your emails. So how do you do that?  […]

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Launched One Campaign And Made $10,000

How A League Member Made Over $10k With Just ONE Email Campaign – Case Study With Aidan O’Sullivan

Want to find out how League member Aiden O’Sullivan made over $10,000 using our price increase email template? That’s right – Aidan, who is an entertainer magician by trade and also supports other entertainers, implemented our Price Hike campaign and made £9,000 in just a few days.  Want to know how email marketing changed his […]

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Email Marketing Campaigns: Our Template

Template For Email Marketing Campaigns

Is there a template for an email marketing campaign that will guarantee you don’t keep going around in circles but instead successfully move your readers towards the ultimate goal of buying from you?  Yep, there is.  And it’s the one we use in all our email campaigns. Not just the ones we use ourselves, but […]

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Mistakes That Almost Got Me Fired

Email Mistakes That Almost Got Me Fired (Avoid These) – With Chris Davis

Did you ever set up an email marketing campaign and forget to write the email? Or sent the wrong email to the wrong people? We’ve made loads of email marketing mistakes in our time, and today’s guest Chris Davis from Automation Bridge shares his. Having trained internationally, Chris has a collective portfolio of $200 million […]

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