Things We Do On Stage & Email Marketing

12 Things That We Use On Stage That Help Our Email Marketing

What do stage entertainment and email marketing have in common? As you may know, we are both from an entertainment background. Rob is a comedy hypnotist and Kennedy is a psychological mind reader (or mentalist). That means we spend a big chunk of our lives on stages using psychology to make people do certain things, […]

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Lessons Learned From Running Inbox

Lessons Learned from Running Our 2-Day INBOX Event

Are you thinking of running your own online summit? Are you wondering about how to promote a virtual event with email marketing? Today we’re sharing the lessons we’ve learned from running our own two-day online event – Inbox. This is the third year we hosted our signature email marketing conference, which is a totally free […]

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9 Lessons From Inbox

9 Lessons from The Inbox Online Email Marketing Conference

This week we’re sharing 9 amazing lessons we’ve learnt from two years of running Inbox – our awesome online email marketing conference. It’s a phenomenal event, and we promise this year it’s going to be absolutely next level! To prove that it’s true, we’ve pulled out 9 tips we learnt from some of our amazing […]

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Why Attend Inbox 2023

Why You Should Attend Inbox 2022

Why should you attend Inbox? Because it’s the email marketing conference of 2022 (even if we say so ourselves). Inbox is the online conference that helps you sell more of everything you’re doing by using email marketing. It’s on the 28th and 29th of June 2022, and we’re going to show you how to get […]

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Turn Problems into Opportunities – Convert Haters into Sales with Laura Belgray from The Talking Shrimp

So you started sending more emails to your subscribers and now you’re getting ‘hate mail’. That’s right – some people are replying with complaints and negative feedback. And how do we deal with those? Laura Belgray, the founder of Talking Shrimp® and co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo, has been a professional writer […]

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How Sheila Went from the Starting Blocks to Total Clarity – an Email Marketing Case Study

Today we have Sheila FG on the show, who is part of our membership, The League. Sheila helps podcasters and event owners find sponsors for their events. She’s been in business for years, but it’s only recently that she started creating products for her business and pivoting into coaching and consultancy. This is a fantastic […]

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Product Launch Emails – Success Story with Kay Peacey

Ever wondered what kind of success people in our membership, The League, experience with email marketing? Let’s find out from our very own member Kay Peacey, who teaches people how to use ActiveCampaign for their email marketing and automation. Joining The League changed everything for Kay. She lost the fear, started implementing our campaigns, and […]

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7 Ideas for Building Your Email List in 2022

Is 2022 the year you’re finally going to focus on building your email list? You might have heard us say this before, but once you’ve worked out how to maximise the amount of money you’re making from your existing list, you need to also grow your list.   So… want some awesome strategies that will […]

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The Right Way To Run Viral Contests To Build Your Email List With Travis Ketchum

We all love winning free stuff, I am right?! Winning a contest is great, but running a contest can be an incredible way of spreading the word about your brand and getting tonnes of new sales.   That said, there are definitely right ways and (very) wrong ways to go about this. Travis Ketchum is […]

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How To Sell Without Price Cutting or Pushing with Mike Montague from Sandler Training

Offer a discount and the sales will always come flooding in, right? But what happens when you put your course back up to its full price? In many cases….tumble weed. Discounting is used by so many of us because it’s seen as the easiest and quickest way to sell something. But the problem with this […]

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Email Marketing Automation – 6 Automations You Should Have In Your Business

Sending your standard weekly or daily email is fine… BUT it’s certainly not the best or easiest way to get sales more sales in your business.  That’s what email marketing automation is for.  With automations, you are really allowing your new audience members to get to know you, and in a world where we are bombarded […]

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Using a quiz to build your list from scratch (1)

Using a quiz to build your list from scratch with Lisa Johnson

Could you use a quiz to build your list? Straight talking business coach Lisa Johnson was able to grow her mailing list at a SUPER FAST rate with the use of a single lead magnet. With it getting harder and harder to convince people to sign up to mailing lists, the standard PDF usually won’t […]

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email marketing best practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

There’s some email marketing best practices that might not seem so obvious, but they’ll be the difference between your emails working, or not. There are a few key things you can do in your email marketing to make it as effective as possible and if you’re in need of a little refresher as to what […]

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How Often Should You Email – Emailing More Often

This is the question we get asked more than anything – “How often should you email your list?” Chances are, you’re probably still wondering this yourself and if you are, you’re definitely not alone! With all of the conflicting advice out there, it can be really difficult to know the “perfect” frequency for your email marketing audience. […]

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Write Emails Like A Boss – Even If You Think You’re A Crap Writer

Wish you could write emails like a boss but you’re worried you’re not the world’s best or most interesting writer? Did your grumpy English teacher used to give you a hard time because you just couldn’t get the hang of ‘they’re, their and there’?   So many people put off email marketing because they think their […]

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