Build An Email List With A Facebook Group

How We Used A Facebook Group To Build Our Email List From Scratch

Facebook group, email list. Can you use one to grow the other? We certainly did. And here’s exactly how we built our email list to make the first $100k+ in this business in 12 months using a FREE Facebook group.  Want to know how you can do that too in your business?  Let’s dive in.  […]

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List Building? Use Traffic Loops

Stop Wasting So Much On List Building by Using Traffic Loops

What’s the secret to building email lists in less time? Well, it’s easy. If you want to save money and time with list building, you need to use Traffic Loops.  Want to know what that’s all about?  Let’s find out!  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:11) Join our FREE Facebook Group. (5:22) You need both social media […]

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Have Success With Facebook Groups

How Facebook Groups and Webinars Make Matthew Harrington a Happy Man

Is there a link between Facebook Groups, webinars, and email marketing? Can they all work together? We asked League member Matthew Huntington from the Behaviorist Book Club how he used his Facebook group to welcome new members and convert them into paying customers following our advice. Matthew’s story is phenomenal. He went from hardly being […]

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How To Increase Your Open Rates

How To Increase Your Open Rates (They’re Wrong But…)

Want to know how to increase the open rate of your emails? We talked about open rates before. And you’ll probably already know that we believe they’re wrong.  But regardless of what the data says (and whether it’s right or wrong), you still want people to open your emails. So how do you do that?  […]

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Use Pinterest To Grow Your Email List

Tricks To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest – With Meagan Williamson

Can small business owners become awesome Pinterest marketers? Can you use Pinterest to bring more people into your world to increase the efficacy of your email marketing? And can you grow your email list through Pinterest? Meagan Williamson spills the beans about how to leverage Pinterest as a marketing platform and shares some super simple […]

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Small List Big Launch

Small List Big Launch – With Gemma Bonham-Carter

Do you think you have a small email list? How can you have a successful and profitable launch when you don’t have as many subscribers on your list as you’d like to have? This week we’re talking to Gemma Bonham-Carter about how to build a pre-launch email list (and have a BIG launch!) Are you […]

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Tell Me You're A Member Of The League

Tell Me You’re A Member Of The League Without Telling Me You’re A Member Of The League

Trying to get super good at email marketing and build your email marketing list and your business? This week we’re jumping on the latest TikTok trend (because we’re cool like that) with an episode called “Tell me you’re a member of The League without telling me you’re a member of The League”, which is a […]

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Lessons Learned From Running Inbox

Lessons Learned from Running Our 2-Day INBOX Event

Are you thinking of running your own online summit? Are you wondering about how to promote a virtual event with email marketing? Today we’re sharing the lessons we’ve learned from running our own two-day online event – Inbox. This is the third year we hosted our signature email marketing conference, which is a totally free […]

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Know What's Working

Two Things to Start Collecting So You Know What’s Working in Your Marketing

Do you ever find yourself making important business decisions based on a hunch? Would you like to know how you can improve the success rate of email marketing (and your marketing in general) by looking at data and not relying on a gut feeling? Are you curious to finally get a clear idea of what […]

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How Martin And Lyndsay 10x'd Their Website Visitors In Less Than A Year, The Jammy Digital Way

Blogging for Email List Building with Martin and Lyndsay from Jammy Digital

Today on the podcast, we chat with our friends Martin and Lyndsay from Jammy Digital, who tell us all about using your blog and leveraging Google to build a whopper of an email list. So if you think blogging is dead, have tried and failed to start and maintain a blog (much like us), but want […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your Unsubscribe Rate

Do you worry about your unsubscribe rate? Do you obsessively log into your email marketing software to check it and then panic over it? If you do, you need to stop that. Your unsubscribe rate is actually a good thing! Want to know why? Let’s find out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (2:48) Fancy a 14-day FREE […]

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Examples of Advertorials to Grow your Email List with Rachel Mazza

Do you use advertorials in your business? Hang on. Do you even know what advertorials are? Because not many people do (or know what these types of pre-sale pages are called!) So let’s hear it from Rachel Mazza, who gives us the ins and outs about advertorials and shares some awesome examples of advertorials you’ll […]

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7 Ideas for Building Your Email List in 2022

Is 2022 the year you’re finally going to focus on building your email list? You might have heard us say this before, but once you’ve worked out how to maximise the amount of money you’re making from your existing list, you need to also grow your list.   So… want some awesome strategies that will […]

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How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

Have you ever experienced a slump in sales? We know we have. But we’ve also learnt to read the signs so we know when one’s about to happen. And we’ve come up with a few strategies to get ourselves out of it. So here’s what we’re talking about today – exactly what to look out […]

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How We Made Our First 6-Figures From A List Of Less Than 2,000 Subscribers

This week we’re telling you all about how to make money from your email list. So if you have a small list (or you think you have a small list), don’t despair! We’re going to tell you exactly what you can do to make money from that.  Because guess what? We were rubbish at growing […]

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