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customer transformations in email marketing

How To Show Customer Transformations In Your Email Marketing With Relatable Before-And-After Stories

Do you collect testimonials in your business? What’s the best way to show customer transformations in your email marketing? Can the success stories and case studies of your customers help you convert more of the people on your email list?  If you want to learn an easy way to go beyond your regular, commoner-garden testimonial, […]

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Leveraging The Power Of AI

How We Are Currently Leveraging The Power Of AI To Create A Smarter Business

Are you using AI in your business? Can it save you time, make you more efficient, and deliver a better experience to your customers? Depending on what you do and how you use AI, yes. So let’s talk about how we are leveraging the power of AI right now in our business. The ways we […]

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New Year's Emails

What To Send In Your New Year’s Emails To Get Your Clients Excited About Your Business (And Buy From You)

Should you take a break from emailing your subscribers during the festive period? And should you send something different in your New Year’s emails? Whether you have or haven’t taken a break from your email marketing over the last few weeks, here are some ideas you can use to get your subscribers excited about your […]

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Increased Revenue With Email Marketing

How April McMurtrey Increased Her Revenue By 400% In Just One Year – A Case Study

Is it possible to get awesome results from email marketing? Can email take your business from the brink of collapsing to amazing heights and success? Yes, it can. And we’re getting to hear from one of our clients – the lovely April McMurtrey from Learn Reading, who’s sharing how she increased her revenue by 400% […]

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B2B Vs B2C Email Marketing

Email Showdown! B2B Vs B2C Emails – What Are The Differences And Who Wins The Ultimate Email Marketing Crown?

Is there a difference between B2B vs B2C email marketing? What works best? And can we take some of the best strategies from B2C and apply them to B2B? Let’s have a big ol’ email showdown and find out which type of email marketing wins! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:29) Grab our amazing resource Click Tricks […]

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Best Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Run A Smashing Flash Sale With One of The Best Email Marketing Campaigns In The World

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we keep being asked about the BEST email marketing campaigns people can run to make tonnes of cash. Well, we have the perfect campaign for you. It’s called the Paparazzi Flash Sale campaign, and our clients are seeing some amazing results with it right now.  Wanna know more […]

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email marketing and storytelling

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Email Marketing And Storytelling To Write Emails That Sell Like Crazy

How do email marketing and storytelling go together? Should you share stories in your emails? If so, when and how? What type of stories should you tell and where does the inspiration come from? Also, when is it not good to tell a story? Want the Secret Sauce on all this? Let’s get it! SOME […]

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Email marketing copywriting mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email Marketing Copywriting

Are you making any of these email marketing copywriting mistakes? Curious to know what we’re talking about? If you’re keen to improve your email copy, we’ve got some super-easy tips here for you. Check them out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:09) Want a FREE resource to get more clicks on your emails? Check out Click Tricks. […]

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Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email Outreach – Is The Technique Sleazy or Super Effective?

What is cold email outreach? Is it a necessary technique or a spammy annoyance? And how do you even do it? Let’s talk about the ins and outs of cold outreach emails. Are they really as icy as people think? Not if you do it right…  So let’s find out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:23) Join our […]

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The Simple Formula For Coaches To Sell On Autopilot With Email Marketing

Are you a coach or consultant? Then you need to learn how to build a system that helps you sell on autopilot so you don’t have to hustle to fill your next coaching group or programme. This is why we’re here to tell you all you need to know about email marketing for coaches.  Ready […]

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free-trial email sequence

Use THIS Free-Trial Email Sequence To Turn Your Subscribers Into Paying Customers

Do you run free trials for your membership, course, or product? If you want to know if a trial offer is a good idea and want to get your hands on a free-trial email sequence for your business, here are some of the strategies we use to sell our own membership, The League.  And there’s […]

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our membership The League

Everything You Need To Know About Our Membership The League (THE Behind The Scenes!)

Want the behind-the-scenes of all the behind-the-scenes? Then let’s talk about everything you need to know about our awesome membership The League. (Spoiler alert – this is some pretty cool stuff!) SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:10) Join our FREE Facebook Group. (4:20) What is our membership all about? (6:04) Why we created The League. (9:25) People […]

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The Stupidly Simple Emails That Make Webinars Convert Like Crazy with Dave Dee

Do you run webinars in your business? Whether you do or you don’t, you need to check out this conversation with Dave Dee about selling with webinars and email marketing. Dave’s tried-and-tested tips (and this exact email sequence) work a treat and will help you convert like crazy. Trust us – you do want all […]

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onboarding sequence for memberships

How To Create A Member Onboarding Sequence That Your Members Will Love

Do you run a membership or are thinking of putting one together? How do you welcome new members and make sure they feel reassured they’re in the right place and know what to do next? Today we share how you can create an onboarding sequence for memberships that your customers will absolutely LOVE! Since launching […]

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onboarding sequence for memberships

How To Get Your Customers To Buy Using Buyer Psychology In Email Marketing

Do you want to make more sales from your emails? We know how. And that’s by using buyer psychology in email marketing to your customers to buy from you again and again.   Ready to find out our best-kept secrets? (They’re not really secrets by the way – we’re more than happy to share so […]

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