Writing The Perfect Welcome Email - Saying Hello With Gavin Bell

Writing The Perfect Welcome Email – Saying Hello With Gavin Bell

The very first welcome email in a sequence is something that a lot of us overlook a bit and probably take for granted. Usually, it’s a fairly simple email saying thank you for joining the list, which is nice, but are you really making the most of that welcome opportunity?

When we first signed up for Gavin Bell's email list, his first welcome email was so engaging it left us begging for more, which is why he's the perfect person to chat with about that exact topic. Take it away Gav…

Fun Fact
Welcome Email Must-Haves
Email Consumption
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On Your High Horse

Fun Fact

Poor Gavin didn’t eat any chocolate or crisps for 10 years (that’s right, 10 whole years!) after a brotherly competition went terribly wrong.

The Perfect Welcome Email

Welcome Email Must-Haves

It’s important to remember that the first welcome email always gets a higher open rate than any other email you’ll send, so in that first email, it’s so important to take some key actions.

First of all, you should always introduce yourself to the person because if they’ve come in from paid ads they probably don’t know much about you. So, you should let them know who you are and why it’s important for them to be on your list.

You need to give them the thing that they opted in for but also at that point, you should make them an offer to try and get them into the next step of the funnel.

Welcome Email Consumption

The tactic that has had the most impact on the success of Gavin’s initial welcome email is giving people the link to the thing they opted in for, at the end of the email.

Start off by thanking them for joining the list and opting in and then try to get into some storytelling, it doesn’t have to be a rags-to-riches story but something that relates you and what you do to the thing they’ve downloaded. This will help build up your authority as well as being an interesting way to differentiate between different opt-ins you might have on the go by changing the narrative a bit based on which download it is.

Of course, you don’t want to disengage or confuse people so it’s always good practice to let them know that the link to their download will be at the bottom of the email. That way if they want to skip ahead they can, but you’ll find that a lot of people will continue consuming your email content first.

Subject Line Of The Week

This was the only subject line that I’ve used that ever had people sharing it all over social media, and it was ‘Funnel Hack Me Dry’. The email itself was essentially me giving away a couple of templates to funnels I use. In the ClickFunnels community, they use the term funnel-hack so I thought this would be a fun way of grabbing people’s attention with an innuendo.

On Your High Horse With Gavin Bell

Watch the full episode right here.

If you want to find out more about Gavin you can head over to his website mrgavinbell.com or find his over on Instagram.

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