Sell To Your Subscribers

The Best Way To Sell To Your Subscribers When They Join Your List

Should you try to sell to your subscribers as soon as they join your list?

When someone opts in for your freebie and joins your list, should you try to sell them something right away or is there a better route to take in order to get that first sale?

We're sharing some strategies you can use to make sales from your new subscribers without making them regret they joined your list and actually build a better long-term relationship.

Now that's what we like to hear!

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The Best Way To Sell To Your Subscribers

Episode Content

  • (4:51) What can you sell in 15 minutes?
  • (6:11) It’s dangerous to assume that people will want your offer.
  • (7:04) The concept of becoming 3D.
  • (8:00) Would you go on a date with me?
  • (8:52) Successful email marketing sometimes means spending more time on Twitter!
  • (13:15) Sometimes adding tiny steps can get your further.
  • (15:02) Take personalisation to a whole new level.
  • (16:22) Listeners question
  • (20:46) Subject line of the week from Janet Murray

Subject Line Of The Week

Listeners Question

Does it matter if I change the way that I send me emails? Should I be changing the template I use from plain text to a designed template, and how often should I change the way my weekly emails look?

Bella Vasta – JUMP Consulting

Rob: I’m actually really boring when it comes to my emails and I like them to be super consistent and always look the same. I think consistency can build trust, a bond, and a better relationship, so I really like to write very simple emails. I usually try to avoid buttons and logos, and I want it to look like a standard email I would send to a friend.

Kennedy: My approach is to only change things about your email that are designed to help you achieve the purpose of your email. So, don’t change things for the sake of it, instead change things because those changes will nudge people towards the action you want them to do.

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