5 Questions From Our Group Coaching Calls

5 Questions About Email Marketing From Our Group Coaching Calls

Want to find out what we get asked inside our exclusive, members-only group coaching calls? This week we're taking behind the scenes of the coaching calls we do inside our membership, The League. We're going to not only share the questions about email marketing that our members ask us, but also the exact answers we give them!

Aaaaaand, we have an amazing opportunity for you. For one day only, you can join one of these exclusive calls too! Want to find out more?


(00:17) The League Open Day.
(6:00) Fancy a 14-day FREE trial with Keap? (We give you TWO of our campaigns for FREE with it!)
(7:16) How many campaigns do I need to get started with email marketing?
(10:50) What's the best frequency for email marketing?
(11:15) Planning your email content. 
(12:52) How many emails should I send during a launch?
(16:53) How do I move to a higher email frequency?
(19:50) What about email marketing for the B2B industry?
(22:01 ) Join us for our first Open Day!
(24:58) Subject line of the week.

Join us for the first Open Day inside our membership The League

We’re doing an Open Day for our membership The League where you can come and hang out on one of the hotline coaching calls as our guest. It’s happening on the 11th of May 2022 at 8 pm UK time (3 pm EST).

You’ll get to ask questions just like our members do and get answers from us. And if you can't think of a question, just sit there and watch – like a fly on the wall. We guarantee you’ll learn from the questions that other people ask.

So if you want to get on this call, register here. We’ve never done this before, and we’re excited to see many of you joining us for this experience. So let’s pack out the room for some great learning! 

1. How many campaigns do I need to implement to get started with email marketing?

The first question we pulled from one of our coaching calls is from Paul, and he asked, “As long as I have the Getting to Know You sequence and your Overture sales sequence set up, am I good to begin sending traffic through my funnels?”

The short answer is yes!

But let's break this down. For context, we should say that we give our members inside The League new email marketing campaigns every single month. But obviously, people can’t implement them all at once!

Also, for clarity, the Getting to Know You sequence is our welcome sequence. It’s a 4-day sequence for every new person who comes onto your email list. This is where you introduce them to your core product or service.  After setting up our welcome sequence Paul implemented our Overture campaign, which is a sales automation.

Of course, if after setting up these two campaigns you want to stop putting people through more sequences, you can. But you can also set up as many email campaigns as you want. You don't have to wait until you have all our email marketing campaigns set up – we don't do that either! We add a new campaign every 8 weeks or so. 

And taking this approach is perfectly fine. Firstly because it takes some time to set the sequences up. But also because they'll serve you on an ongoing basis. You can view these two campaigns as your minimum viable engine. Just put people through them, and you'll immediately benefit from the work you've done setting them up. Think of it as a train with different carriages – more campaigns will make your email marketing train longer. But simply add a new carriage whenever you’re ready, at your own pace.

2. What's the best email frequency for email marketing? 

Here's another question we get asked by email marketers all the time. “How do I figure out what email frequency I want to do with my email newsletters?”

There’s no right or wrong answer here. We talk a lot about the fact that we send an email every single day, and we think you should too. Because we think you’ll get better results if you email at least a few times a week.

Planning your email content 

In terms of planning your content and the frequency of your email newsletters, we do our planning quarterly. So in the middle month of any given quarter (February for Q1, April for Q2, etc.), we plan the content we’re going to share in our email newsletters. We look at what we’re going to sell, what our goals are, and what emails we’re going to send in order to take our subscribers on a journey. And then we figure out what content we need in order to make that happen. 

Let's say we decide to do a webinar campaign. We go into The League and grab our own template for that, just like any of our members would. And then we put it all together and run it.

In short, here's what we do. Once a quarter, we plan a rough big helicopter view of everything we’re going to do and map it all out. We break it down month by month, week by week, and day by day. We create the plan once and then fulfill it, and this means we don't have to spend time every day wondering what we’re going to send out next. 

The Top 10 Books To 'Power Up' Your Email Marketing

10 book recommendations that will improve all areas of your email marketing (including some underground treasures that we stumbled upon which have been game-changing for us).

3. How many emails should I send during a launch?

“If I'm launching my new course, coaching programme, or membership, how many emails should send?”

The answer is as many emails as you have a good reason to send! Because if you have nothing meaningful to send out, you’ll feel like you’re sharing fluff – there's nothing of substance to drive that email.

So first thing first, write down on your calendar when your product is going on sale – you want the dates of when the cart opens and closes. And then you reverse engineer from there.

On the last day, you’ll want to say that the cart is closing – you'll do that at least twice to give people the best opportunity to get your solution. That's why we send 3 emails on the last day. The first one tells our subscribers that today is the last day of the sale. Then later in the day, we send a reminder to say the deadline is getting closer. And then an hour before we close the offer, we send a short and simple email with the link to buy for one final time.

Don't send everything at once 

These are great reasons to email on the last day. But there are other good reasons to email during a launch, and we talk about them in the episode called 7 Sales Elements to Give You More Reasons To Email During Your Launch. Go check it out! 

So our top tip is to hold things back – don't share everything in the first few emails! Use the first email to introduce your product and then, on a different day, tell them about your payment plan. Or your bonuses. Or share a video. Just don’t send everything at once because every new piece of information you share calls for a different email. It gives you a good reason to email again during your launch. Remember – you can send as many emails as you need to, as long as you have a reason to.

4. How do I move to a higher email frequency?

Another question we get asked is, “How can I start sending emails more often and do it in the right way?”

The short answer is that you don't suddenly go from emailing once a month, once a week, or once in a blue moon to every day. Because your audience will hate you for it. And so will your email platform and the Gmails of this world. This is only going to negatively impact your email deliverability. Instead, you want to slowly increase the frequency of your emails and pre-empty this action with some warning.

The way we suggest you approach this is by emailing your list and telling them you feel like you haven't been delivering as much value as you could be. You'd like to help them move forward in their journey as quickly as possible. So you tell them what to expect going forward while you slowly step up your frequency. You could go from once a month to once a week and then after a month or two, you increase to twice or three times a week, for example. And then to every day. That way you step up your frequency in stages – this is less noticeable and less likely to break things.

Tell your audience how they'll benefit from your emails

While you do that, don't forget to tell your audience why getting more emails from you is a good thing! They’ll be feeling like they're learning more, moving forward, and being drawn closer to you. Just don't do this in a way that's apologetic or sorry, especially if you're British (because you know how we like to apologise for everything). Always sell the benefits of your emails to your list.

An alternative approach would be to email your entire list a few times and give them the option to opt in to hear from you more often. To do this, you need to send them to a form where they can actively input their name and address and specifically agree to receive more of your emails. This is a gentler approach, although it’s not the one we take because you'll get fewer people opting in.

With the first approach we suggested, you'll still have access to your entire list minus the people who unsubscribe. This option typically pans out better. Whereas if you choose the gentler approach and ask your subscribers to opt in, only 10-30% of your list might do that. That means a lot of people won't be getting your emails. So we suggest you step things up gradually over time with some warning first.

5. What about email marketing for the B2B industry?

Another question we often get asked is, “I'm in a much ‘drier' industry, like B2B professional services. How do I go about adding emotion and personality into my emails?”

Great question! And what we encourage our members to do is to remember that we’re all speaking to real people. None of these subscribers are robots! They are people who have feelings, families, kids, pets, and parents – they can relate to all the things that go on in your life. That means they'll relate to any personal stories you share. 

But if that’s not your style, you can also tell stories about your customers. Let’s say you’re in the investment space. Don’t just talk about charts, stock values, and capital. Instead, tell the story of the client who’s been paying into their retirement fund. Show what their life looks like now as a result of working with you. Share the stories of how you serve people.

Where do you find these stories? You ask your clients, of course. Ask them how your business impacted their lives, make sure you have permission to share, and then tell those stories in your email marketing. This also helps you build rapport with people and deepen your relationship. They’ll see you as much more of a trusted advisor. 

Join our Open Day for a chance to have your own questions about email marketing answered!

A lot of the questions we get asked on our hotline coaching calls inside The League are business-specific. And we love nothing more than to dig into people’s businesses to understand what they sell, who they sell to, what problems they solve, etc. That’s how we’re able to give specific answers.

But the power of these calls is twofold. It's great for the person who asks the question because we’re able to give specific answers based on someone’s business, product, personality, and individual circumstances. But it's great for everyone else too! Because other people learn from us giving out these answers. They'll pick up tips and ideas they can apply to their own businesses.

We host our hotline group calls every other week, and people tell us they're completely transformational. They change their business and give them better results with their email marketing. And that’s just from listening to other people’s questions and answers!

So if you want that same opportunity that members of The League have, join our 90-minute Open Day call on the 11th May 2022 at 8 pm UK time (3 pm EST). You can register for FREE here and join us live on the day.

Come and ask any questions, and even if you don’t have any, just listen in and absorb the information. No doubt, you’ll get some cracking new ideas you can go and apply to your own business, whether you're selling products, services, high-priced items, lower-priced items, a recurring membership, or anything in between. We look forward to seeing you there!


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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is “The word of the day is H_A_____”. The word, in this case, was ‘headache', but it doesn't matter what the word is! This type of subject line creates curiosity. It’s like filling in the blanks. And people have to open the email to find out what it’s all about. It's a great one, and you can use it with whatever you’re working on.

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