Who Should NOT Join Our Membership

Who should not join The League of email marketing heroes

Who should NOT join our community – The League of email marketing heroes? Because (news flash) The League isn't for everyone. 

Ready to find out who The League is perfect for and who isn't a good fit for our membership?  

Let's go!


(4:26) What types of businesses can join The League? 
(5:22) The League isn't for you if you're not ready to work on your email marketing.
(10:18) The League isn't for you if you don't have a good product. 
(11:36) The difference between a product and an offer (and why you need both).
(14:16) The League isn't for you unless you're prepared to be a student of email marketing for life. 
(16:14) The League isn't for you unless you're ready to work hard and make stuff work. 
(19:02) The League isn't for you if you're not making any sales yet.
(20:07) The League isn't for you if you don't think email marketing is a key strategy in your business.
(21:58) The League isn't for you if you're still obsessing about growing your email list. 
(26:44) Subject line of the week. 

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What types of businesses can join The League of email marketing heroes?

First thing first, you might be pleased to find out that the type of business you run has nothing to do with whether you're right for The League or not. It doesn't matter whether you're a B2C or a B2B business. It doesn't matter what you sell or who you sell it to. We've got members in all sorts of areas – some who sell courses online or run coaching businesses, all the way through photographers, and people who sell bonsai tree goodies.

What you sell doesn't matter. Nothing that you sell can rule you out from being the perfect fit for The League.

But other things can… 

The League isn't for you if you're not ready to work on your email marketing

If you're not ready to invest time and effort to focus on making email marketing work for your business, then The League isn't for you. Because email marketing isn't a quick fix.

That's why we make The League a monthly commitment. So we can give you strategies you can start using as soon as you join to make email marketing into something of value for your business.

To get the best results out of email marketing, we recommend you look at your business and ask yourself where you want to be in 12, 18, 24 months from now and understand how to use email to get you there. If you come in with the mindset that email marketing is going to solve everything really quickly, then The League isn't going to work for you. Truth is – there aren't many things in business that you can do once and will work forever. You need to master a skill and do it continuously and consistently. 

The other reason why we make The League a regular commitment is because when that monthly amount leaves your account, it acts as a little nudge – a reminder to re-focus on your email marketing. Because it's way too easy to get off track. We're all busy, right? But that monthly bill reminds you to focus and pay attention to your email marketing. 

The League isn't for you if you don't have a good product 

We can help you make more sales, but we can't do that unless you already have a good product and a good offer. If you don't yet, then focus on that first, and then come and join The League, so we can help you sell more of the thing. We work our magic on the promotion – the marketing and the psychology of selling products that already exist. And this could be your own product or something you're selling for a commission or as an affiliate or partner.

The difference between a product and an offer

So we talked about a product and an offer as two separate things. Want to know a bit about the difference?

The product is the thing you're selling – your deliverable. The offer is everything that wraps around your product. It's how it's presented, how much it is, how people pay for it, the positioning of it, the unboxing experience, the bonuses you get with it, etc. It's all the stuff that sits around your product. Your offer is the premise and context with which you take your product and offer it to the market. 

There are really good products that aren't selling because businesses don't have a good offer for them. And if your product or your offer isn't right, then no amount of using email to lead qualified prospects to your sales pages will help you sell. Email marketing alone cannot fix that. If the thing you sell (the product) or the circumstances people get (the offer) aren't good, then you're going to struggle with any method of driving traffic. So if you have a great product but it's not selling, play around with your offer. Think of different ways of prsenting the product. 

The League isn't for you unless you're prepared to be a student of email marketing for life


Make More Sales with our cutting-edge Psychology-Based Email Marketing Programme

  • Psychology-based email marketing.
  • 45+ Email Campaigns.
  • Video Campaign Workshops.
  • Growing Library of Video Trainings.

You've got to be in for the long haul. Because email marketing is the way you directly communicate with your subscribers. They open your email on their laptops or their phones and read your mind through your words. They understand how you think, why you're making them think something, and how you're making them feel. That changes how human beings respond.

Think about it. Everything around us changes – the competition, the types of products available, the technology. etc. So one of the things we can do is to make sure we're always on the cutting edge of understanding how humans are thinking right now – what their positive and negative biases are to make sure that our email marketing responds to all that. 

This is why you need to be studying marketing – and specifically email marketing – trends, and human behaviours. This is why you need to be a student for life. 

The League isn't for you unless you're willing to work hard and make stuff work

In email marketing, just like many other areas in our lives, not everything is going to work all of the time.

Whenever we introduce new email marketing campaigns into The League, for example, we test them rigorously. It's only when we're sure they work that we share them with our members. We give you proven campaigns and then we help you apply them.

And sometimes our members need to be willing to push through and try and try something again and again until it works. Sometimes stuff gets difficult – you might have technical or delivery problems, for example. And when that happens, you have to be willing to work hard and push through. You can jump on our weekly call, ask us questions, and we help you figure it out and come out the other end. 

After all, statistically, email marketing is the highest ROI activity that businesses of all stages and all sizes. The channel works. So you have to be persistent in trying to make it work for you – for your personality, you style, your products, and your offers.

The League isn't for you if you're not making any sales yet

If you have a great product but you're not making any sales yet, then you might want to wait until you're making some sales before you join The League. You see – we help you amplify what works. We help you put your offer in front of more people, but you first need to be sure that your offer works.

You want to be at the stage where you've proven that this thing you're selling is something people want. You want your tech to be set up, be sure that all the buttons work, that people can pay by credit card, etc. So first start making some sales, and then come over and join The League, and we'll welcome you with open arms. 

The League isn't for you if you don't think email marketing is a key strategy in your business

Email marketing isn't a tactic – it's a key, irreplaceable strategy in your business. You've got to keep in touch with your existing customers, and the only good way to do that at scale is by email. There is nothing else that will allow you to communicate with your customers at the same scale and with the same results.

All successful businesses are using email somewhere in their mix. And it's definitely not a tactic that you can pick up and drop whenever you feel like it. It's a critical strategy in your business, so you need to have a good email marketing strategy in place. 

The League isn't for you if you're still obsessing about growing your email list

If you think that all your problems will be solved the minute you have a bigger email list, then we're sorry to burst your bubble. The people who will get the best results from being part of our membership and really fit into our community are those who understand that your focus should be about maximising the sales in your business from the subscribers you already have

We say this all the time, but the reason we got good at email marketing is that we didn't have the resources to grow our email list. We had to learn to make the most out of the subscribers we already had. And sure, you'll find resources inside The League that help you grow your email list, but there's more to it than that. It's about maximising the relationship and the sales you make from your list. And once that's in place, there's a lot more you can do to also grow your email list. 

Want to join The League of email marketing heroes?

If you tick all the right boxes, then check out The League. We are passionate about getting the right type of people inside our membership because it saves everyone involved a lot of heartache and trouble down the line. If someone's not the right fit for it, then we don't benefit from that customer much like they don't benefit from being part of our community. And we don't want that. We want to help people we're in the best position to help. 

When you do join, you are surrounded by a community of people who are all on the same path. Email marketing clicks for different people and different businesses at different points. But when it does, it's about amplifying, refining, and mastering that skill to keep it present and relevant. We don't have a minimum  commitment, but we really do want people to join The League thinking of it as a long-term investment because that's when you get to see the best results.

Subject line of the week 

This week's subject line of the week (courtesy of Kennedy) is “Important milkshake-related question”. In this email, Kennedy shared a story about the fact that his other half always orders different milkshakes when they go out. But Kennedy always orders a strawberry milkshake. No matter what and wherever he goes. (Just likes he always wears a white shirt because there are no mental calories burnt in doing that!) So there's your choice – you can have different things all the time or keep things simple and always go for the same thing. That's what the email was about. 

But why did the subject line work? Because Kennedy took a trivial thing (milkshakes) and put the word ‘important' in front of it. What on earth can be so important about milkshakes, right? Those words make the sentence unusual. He mentioned he was asking a ‘milkshake-related' question. What could that be? There's no way you would know what the email is about just by reading those 4 words. It's bizarre, and that's what made people open and read. Brilliant, right?  

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