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How To Use Email In Your Content Marketing Strategy

As the Email Marketing Heroes, people can sometimes assume that we favour email marketing over a content marketing strategy. That's just not true!

Although we’re huge fans of email marketing, that doesn’t mean that we don’t understand the importance of social media and content marketing too.

In fact, we think that they can both work together in harmony to create the perfect blend of content marketing.

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Using Email In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Episode Content

  • (0:20) Funny fact with Rob and Kennedy
  • (1:30) Everyone’s talking about content, creating content and how to do it best.
  • (2:01) Do email marketing and content marketing work together?
  • (3:12) The email marketing vs. content marketing battle in the form of a rock band analogy.
  • (4:28) Does accessibility play a role in whether to use social media more than email marketing?
  • (6:35) We really don’t hate social media!
  • (8:30) Email marketing and content marketing are stronger together.
  • (10:00) Using email as a distribution channel for your content.
  • (12:48) Using planning tools to plan out your content marketing and how to factor in email marketing with that.
  • (13:39) Using both methods to push people towards your single focus and goal.
  • (15:35) How to use email tags and segmentation to support your content creation.
  • (17:12) Should you be giving away free content in your emails?
  • (18:20) Listeners question
  • (21:41) Subject line of the week

Subject Line Of The Week

Listeners Question

I don’t do email marketing and I know I should, tech and lack of know-how puts me off. I’m afraid of making mistakes and wasting time, so what 3 tips do you have to help me overcome this and get started?

Pippa Akram – Social Pip

Rob: Most people over-complicate everything, so the first thing is to realise that email marketing can be (and should be) quite simple.

Kennedy: The second thing is that while you’re not doing any email marketing at all you don’t know what results you might get. The only results that matter are the ones that are important to your list.

Rob: Take the stuff that you’re already great at online and work out how to take those skills and content and apply it to email.

If you have an email marketing question you would love us to answer you can submit it right here.

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