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How To Plan 3 Months Of Email Content In An Afternoon

Do you wish you could plan 3 months worth of email content in just one afternoon?

It’s the dream, right? And we’re here to make that dream come true, hell yeah!

This episode we’re discussing the exact strategy we use in our businesses to successfully plan and create enough email content to keep your subscribers excited for a full 3 months.

It does involve some careful planning, thought and effort, but once you figure out the secret sauce you'll be creating insane email content in your sleep!

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Using Email To Keep Your Members Engaged

Episode Content

  • (4:00) Consistency is key! The single most important reason you should be batch producing your content.
  • (6:40) Get shit done! And how to actually do that.
  • (7:42) Which of these two categories do you fit into?
  • (10:00) The exact calendar system we use to organise 3 months’ worth of top content.
  • (11:20) The main reason people cock it up!
  • (12:19) Can you do this if you already have promotions planned? Oh, hell yeah!
  • (15:42) Paint by numbers or email content planning?
  • (18:00) Come up with 30-40 different angles for email content in minutes.
  • (22:18) Listeners question.
  • (25:30) Subject line of the week from Stu McLaren.

Subject Line Of The Week

Listeners Question

What is the right cadence for nurture emails? I don’t want them going out so fast they overwhelm the reader but don’t want them trickling out so slowly that they forget who you are.

Sarah Noel Block – Tiny Marketing

Kennedy: It should really be dynamic. The thing that a lot of people screw up is treating everyone the same and as if they want the same thing. If you send a welcome email to someone on your list and they haven’t opened the email in 4 or 5 days, then I would normally send them another email asking if they received their welcome email. So, your emails should be based on the actions people are taking, or not taking.

If you have an email marketing question you would love us to answer you can submit it right here.

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