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How Our Client Lucas Reuterstig Saved His Business By Implementing Just Two Of Our Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns

We always say email marketing can help you make more sales, more predictably, and in less time. But you shouldn't just take our word for it – that's why we regularly share email marketing success stories from our amazing students. Our client Lucas Reuterstig is one of them. After joining our programme and implementing just two of our email marketing campaigns, he saved his business, and his calendar got fully booked for 3 weeks!

Want to know how he did that?  

Let's find out! 


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(3:32) Who is Lucas Reuterstig?
(6:02) When did Lucas get started with email marketing?
(7:57) What was the first thing Lucas did when he joined our programme?
(10:41) How does Lucas feel about his email marketing now?
(13:01) What's the plan for Lucas's email marketing going forward?
(15:29) What's the one action that made all the difference?
(17:13) Would you like to hear more from Lucas? (And get a special offer?)
(18:44) Subject lines of the week.

Who is Lucas Reuterstig?

Lucas runs a programme (and a podcast) called Presenter Mastery, which is a communication training program that delivers:

  • ​Confidence, so you know what to say and when, and your message becomes clear and engaging. 
  • ​Delivery, i.e. the scientific skills that make your audience listen.
  • ​And content, so you can learn to use storytelling in your presentation to increase anticipation, excitement, and buy-in.

In their business, Lucas and his team analyse s a person's presentation style and create an individualised plan for development. They also deliver weekly calls, live training, and coaching to their community of students.  

When did Lucas get started with email marketing?

Lucas has worked with David Phillips (a public speaker for 25 years) since 2020. When they launched their first platform for communication training, they didn’t use email marketing at all. However in 2022, with a better understanding of sales funnels, they discovered another way of selling online. This was when they created the Presenter Mastery Programme, and while they knew email marketing would play a part in their business, they didn't yet know what kind of emails to send out. 

At first, they'd only use emails as reminders for any events they had coming up. Then in February 2023, they decided to make a change – they wanted their email marketing to have meaning and to be ‘spot on'. This is when Lucas found our podcast and then decided to join our programme

What was the first thing Lucas did when he joined our programme?

Lucas joined our programme (The Email Marketing Hero Blueprint) for a specific reason – he wanted access to our email marketing templates. So the first thing he did when he came into our world was to implement our Paparazzi campaign, which is our flash sale campaign.

Immediately, Lucas found that our campaign was producing results, so in May 2023 he also implemented our webinar sequence to bring people to his live events and then offer coaching calls at the back of those.

And do you know what happened? Lucas and his team sold out on all their spots – their coaching calendars were fully booked for 3 weeks! And at that point, Lucas had to do the unthinkable and shut off the rest of the campaign! That's until his team came up with the idea of selling other courses they had. Phew – more sales incoming.  

In a nutshell, the combination of the two email campaigns that Lucas tailored to his business and implemented was so successful that he's been using them ever since. 

How does Lucas feel about his email marketing now?

Lucas and his team had the best month in their business in January 2024. And the difference to how he felt before is night and day, he said. He no longer feels like the stressed-out, hustling entrepreneur. Now, Lucas can plan what’s coming ahead because there’s predictability in the business. And that’s thanks to having email marketing in place.

Lucas and his team are comfortable knowing that email marketing makes everything work. If you already have performing ads that lead to a great webinar (like Lucas had) but don’t remind anyone about it, no one’s going to show up! Email helps reiterate what’s happening and tells people why they should take action. Without email, nothing happens!

Email marketing has become a crucial part of everything Lucas and his team do in the business. And that's no surprise. Because email marketing supports the things you're doing in your business by amplifying what already works and making it more effective.

Lucas and his team now have a system that works, and they want to scale it. In fact, because of how successful the company is, Lucas has hired the services of our agency to bring more momentum to everything they do. And the priority is to build their email engine.

What’s the plan for Lucas's email marketing going forward?

Lucas believes he and his team have been lagging with their daily strategy, as they’ve only been sending emails out once a week. So they plan to ramp regular emails up and be more ‘on point'. They also want to align their daily email strategy with their social media effort and overall marketing. 

Lucas’s business is in a position where they’re driving massive sales through email but also creating higher revenue, which gives them the comfort of a safety net. They don't have to think about where the next conversion is going to come from because their sales are consistent and predictable.  

Reflecting on previous Christmas periods, Lucas remembered how stressed he used to feel. But during the Christmas 2023 period, the sales kept rolling in. Coaching calls were booked, and everything was running smoothly without Lucas having to physically do anything. And that's because their email marketing engine is performing.

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What’s the one action that made all the difference?

For Lucas, the ability to focus on email marketing specifically has made all the difference. He zoomed in on email marketing to make it work for their business. That meant setting other things aside and delegating some tasks. But doing this paid off! Because as soon as the campaigns were set up, he could replicate them, and the next part became easier.

You need to invest the time upfront to make it all happen. After all, for most people, email marketing is about revenue generation. And if you dedicate time and commitment to figure it out, it'll give results. 

Would you like to hear more from Lucas? (And get a special offer?)

If you want to find out more about Lucas, he has a podcast show called Presenter Mastery where he and David talk about presentation skills every week. You can also find them on their website. Lucas also kindly created a special offer for all our listeners, which you can find here. This resource is something that's normally sold for 37 euros at the end of a webinar, but it’s free for you!

Did you enjoy one of the many email marketing success stories we share from students of our programme? If you want to get access to all the resources that Lucas and his team have been using to create amazing success in his business with email marketing, check out our programme – The Email Hero Blueprint – and jump in!


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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is one that Kennedy wrote, and it's “Off the record (THEIR NAME)” (i.e. the subscriber’s name). The email was about the fact we were doing a bonus behind-the-scenes talk with someone, and we invited people to attend. It was a conversation “off the record”.

Why did the subject line work? First of all, it doesn’t tell people explicitly to go and listen to us having a conversation with someone off the record. The reader doesn’t know what this is all about, so they want to go and find out. But also, putting someone’s name in brackets makes the whole subject line pop a bit more. And it drives a lot of compound curiosity. So check it out!  

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