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The Best Cart Abandonment Emails With Chelsea Martinus From Black Girl Boss Collective

The Best Cart Abandonment Emails with Chelsea Martinus from Black Girl Boss Collective

Do you find the idea of email automation daunting? Well, you shouldn’t! Because the right email campaigns can help you get awesome results in your business. This week on the podcast we chatted to Chelsea Martinus from Black Girl Boss Collective, who shared the best cart abandonment emails and tips to help you retarget your […]

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Onboarding Emails Examples for your Online Course With Rob And Kennedy

Onboarding Emails Examples for your Online Course

This week on the podcast we’re talking about onboarding emails examples. Are you a course creator? Do you have an onboarding sequence? Or is it just one of those things that get pushed to the side at the end of a busy launch? Well, if you want to find out exactly how to use your […]

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7 Sales Elements To Give You More Reasons To Email During Your Launch

7 Sales Elements to Give You More Reasons To Email During Your Launch

You’ve got an offer ready and have emailed your subscribers. Once. Maybe twice. Sure, you’d like to email them a bit more. That would help with your sales, right? But you just don’t know what to email about! So here are 7 sales elements that will give you more reasons to email during your launch […]

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How to Get Out Of A Sales Slump With Rob And Kennedy

How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

Have you ever experienced a slump in sales? We know we have. But we’ve also learnt to read the signs so we know when one’s about to happen. And we’ve come up with a few strategies to get ourselves out of it. So here’s what we’re talking about today – exactly what to look out […]

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Using Email Marketing To Build A Profitable Business - With Gisele St Hilaire A Member Of The League

Using Email Marketing to Build a Profitable Business – a Success Story from a Member of The League

In today’s episode, we do something a little bit different and share a success story from one of the members of The League – Gisele St. Hilaire. Gisele is a certified FeldenkraisⓇ practitioner and Assistant Trainer and the founder of Sunyata Movement Studio Inc. In other words, she helps people overcome pain and injury! Isn’t […]

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Special 100th Episode: A Week In The Life At Email Marketing Heroes

SPECIAL 100TH EPISODE: A Week in The Life at Email Marketing Heroes (Behind The Scenes with Rob & Kennedy)

We have reached 100 episodes of The Email Marketing Show! Whoop! To celebrate we (Rob and Kennedy) have recorded a very special behind-the-scenes episode – a week in the life here at Email Marketing Heroes.  We talk about what we do on Sundays (Kennedy), Mondays, and Wednesdays, how we build our campaigns, how we write […]

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How To Turn Data Into Amazing Outcomes - Learn About Measuring Marketing With Chris Mercer

How to turn data into amazing outcomes – learn about Measuring Marketing with Chris Mercer

Do you want to learn how to turn some super simple data into amazing insights and even better outcomes? Today’s episode teaches you everything you need to know about measuring marketing with Chris Mercer. If just hearing the mention of Google Analytics makes you break up in hives, this episode is for you. Because you […]

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How To Create And Sell Courses Online That People Actually Want

How to create and sell courses online that people actually want

There’s nothing worse than spending time and energy into creating an online course and then finding out that nobody actually wants to buy it, right? We’ve been there and done that. So here are our best tips to help you create and sell courses online. The trick? You want to be sure that people in […]

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Who Should NOT Join Our Membership

Who should not join The League of email marketing heroes

Who should NOT join our community – The League of email marketing heroes? Because (news flash) The League isn’t for everyone.  Ready to find out who The League is perfect for and who isn’t a good fit for our membership?   Let’s go! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (4:26) What types of businesses can join The League? […]

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Why We No Longer Take On Clients

Why We No Longer Take On Clients or Offer Coaching

While we’ve not built email campaigns for people since summer 2019, we continued to offer strategy, coaching and consultancy up until Spring 2021 before deciding to really focus on having the most impact with the most people to fulfil our mission. OMG did we love client work. And most of our clients have become really […]

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5 Elements To Grow An Online Business

5 Elements to Grow an Online Business

How on Earth do you grow an online business? And where does email marketing fit in? This week on the show we talk about the 5 different things you need to do to grow your business. So if you’ve got this awesome product or service, you put together an offer, you’ve been telling people about […]

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What Should I Talk About In My Emails Email Marketing Content Ideas You'll Us

What should I talk about in my emails? Email marketing content ideas you’ll use.

So you’re an undertaker. An accountant. A photographer. You sell something people don’t need to buy every day. So what the hell can you share in your emails? Are you ready to have your mind blown with some cool email marketing content ideas that will make your subscribers absolutely love you? In this episode, we […]

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You've Got A Lead Magnet, Now What

You’ve Got a Lead Magnet, Now What?

So, you’ve just created the best lead magnet ever known to mankind. Awesome! But now what? Lead magnets (good ones) are a great way of getting people to join your email list. But getting people to join your list is only a teeny tiny part of the email marketing puzzle. When the aim of the […]

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Writing Subject Lines Without Using Formula

Writing Subject Lines Without Using Formulas

Want to know how to write incredible subject lines without using formulas? Apart from your name, the subject line is the first thing your audience will see and if you screw that up, chances are, your audience isn’t going to open your email at all. So, how can you ensure your subject lines are as […]

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How To Get People To Forward Your Emails And Grow Your Lists

How To Get People To Forward Your Emails And Grow Your List

Imagine being able to get viral growth of your email list? That would be pretty kick-ass, wouldn’t it? The best thing about this, is that you don’t even have to have a huge list to begin with. All you need is a few key ingredients and you can begin to watch your email list grow […]

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