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Customer profiling

Understanding Customer Profiling – How To REALLY Get To Know Your Audience The Right Way (And Sell More)

What is customer profiling and do you really need it? Yes, you do. But only if you do it the right way. Because when you get it spot on, it’s not as boring as it sounds. Plus, it’s no longer an empty tick-boxing exercise you have to do every year. And yes, it will bring […]

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Latest Gmail Update December 2023

Does The Latest Gmail Update (December 2023) Mean The End Of Your Email Marketing?

Is the latest Gmail update (December 2023) going to kill your email marketing for good? Everyone’s reacting to this update like it’s the big apocalypse of email marketing. But is that true? Let’s talk about whether this update does or doesn’t affect you, and how you can go about it.  Ready to find out the […]

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Best Email Marketing Campaigns

How To Run A Smashing Flash Sale With One of The Best Email Marketing Campaigns In The World

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we keep being asked about the BEST email marketing campaigns people can run to make tonnes of cash. Well, we have the perfect campaign for you. It’s called the Paparazzi Flash Sale campaign, and our clients are seeing some amazing results with it right now.  Wanna know more […]

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email marketing and storytelling

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Email Marketing And Storytelling To Write Emails That Sell Like Crazy

How do email marketing and storytelling go together? Should you share stories in your emails? If so, when and how? What type of stories should you tell and where does the inspiration come from? Also, when is it not good to tell a story? Want the Secret Sauce on all this? Let’s get it! SOME […]

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successful launch

How To Achieve The Most Successful Launch (Ever) And Hit Your Sales Targets – With Melissa Litchfield

Did you just launch a new membership, course, or programme? Was it a successful launch? Or did you not hit your targets? You’re probably looking at the sales and revenue you made, but what about all the other metrics? You could have a traffic problem, an issue with your offer, or perhaps with your conversion. But […]

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membership retention strategies

Learn How To Keep Your Members Forever And Ever With THE BEST Email Marketing Membership Retention Strategies On The Planet

Are you a membership site owner who worries about how to keep your members interested and engaged so they never leave? Then you’re about to find out exactly what membership retention strategies you can use to retain your members month after month. We know you’ve worked really hard to get those people in, and we […]

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Re-engagement email campaign

How To Create THE Most Successful Re-Engagement Email Campaign (And Smash Your Sales Targets)

Are your subscribers not interacting with your emails? Are they not clicking on your links and buying from you? Is it time to launch a re-engagement email campaign? What does that even do anyway?  Let’s find out, shall we?  SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:15) Want a FREE resource to get more clicks on your emails? Check […]

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email nurturing

Is Email Nurturing A Total Waste Of Your Time (And What’s The Right Way To Do It)?

Is email nurturing a big waste of time? Do you really have to keep someone on your list for years and years before they buy anything from you? The answer is no.  There’s a better way to make sales in your business and use email marketing to your advantage.  Want to know how? Let’s find […]

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Sales with email marketing campaign

How Our Client Hillary-Marie Made $16k With ONE Email Marketing Campaign (And Then Did It Again!)

Our awesome client Hillary-Marie recently made $16,000 worth of sales with an email marketing campaign she implemented from being part of our membership The League. And you know what’s even better? She copied and pasted that campaign, ran it again for a different segment of her list, and made another $16,000! Want to find out […]

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Email marketing copywriting mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email Marketing Copywriting

Are you making any of these email marketing copywriting mistakes? Curious to know what we’re talking about? If you’re keen to improve your email copy, we’ve got some super-easy tips here for you. Check them out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:09) Want a FREE resource to get more clicks on your emails? Check out Click Tricks. […]

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book launch with email marketing

The Most Perfect Way To Launch & Promote Your Business Book With Email Marketing

Are you thinking of writing a business book? Or maybe you have already? Want to find out how you can promote your book launch with email marketing? Let’s have a bit of a chat about that, shall we? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:18) Want a FREE resource to get more clicks on your emails? Check out […]

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B2B email marketing problems

5 MAJOR Problems With Your B2B Email Marketing (And How To Easily Fix Them)

Are you a B2B marketer? Are you struggling to make email marketing work for your business? Let’s talk about the five B2B email marketing problems we see all the time. Of course, we won’t leave you high and dry. We’ll share the reasons why these problems are so common but also give you some practical […]

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Email deliverability

Stop Landing In The Spam Folder & Immediately Skyrocket Your Email Deliverability – With Brian Minick

Do you know how many of the email addresses on your list are invalid? What happens when your subscribers mark your emails as spam rather than unsubscribing? How can you improve your sender reputation and your email deliverability? And did you know that you’re losing approximately 22% of your subscribers every single year?  We discuss […]

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Cold Email Outreach

Cold Email Outreach – Is The Technique Sleazy or Super Effective?

What is cold email outreach? Is it a necessary technique or a spammy annoyance? And how do you even do it? Let’s talk about the ins and outs of cold outreach emails. Are they really as icy as people think? Not if you do it right…  So let’s find out! SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:23) Join our […]

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ROI on advertising

How Brad 10x’d His Ad Spend In One Month – A Case Study

Can email marketing help you get a crazy ROI in advertising? Brad Gouldemond – a member of The League – shows that you can. When Brad started his business, he invested in ads, he got a few thousand people to join his challenge (which he run and managed with email marketing), and the rest, as […]

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