Get Your Email Marketing Done

How to Stop Putting off Your Email Marketing and Get It Done

Can't stop procrastinating when it comes to email marketing? Then you want to find out the exact 4 steps we recommend to help you stop putting off your email marketing once and for all and actually get it done.

You seriously don't want to miss this.

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(0:10) Want to get more sales from your email marketing? Grab our Click Tricks.
(4:40) Fancy a 14-day FREE trial with Keap? (We give you TWO of our campaigns for FREE with it!)
(6:00) Why is email marketing not a priority for your business right now?
(9:48) How we got started. 
(11:54) Surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you.
(14:40) Have someone help you become and stay unstuck.
(17:58) Surround yourself with people who encourage you.
(19:42) Learn from other people's learning.
(22:25) Join us at the next Open Day for The League (it's FREE!)
(24:12) Subject line of the week.

Want to get more sales from your email marketing?

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Why is email marketing not your priority right now? 

One of the things we hear people talk about all the time is the fact they don’t have time to do email marketing – it's not their priority right now.

Yet, we all know email marketing is the highest return-on-investment marketing activity you can do in your business. You don’t have the choice to do it or not. If you want a successful, sustainable, and scalable business, you have to figure out how to get it done. Because email marketing is the most valuable thing you can do to make sales. And if you know that to be true, then there has to be some other reason why you’re putting it off and choosing to do something else instead.

Are you procrastinating?

You might be procrastinating, which is something a lot of people don’t believe they can possibly be doing because they’re working so many hours in the day. But it all comes down to priorities, and if you know how important something is, you'll prioritise it. So you need to unlock the roadblocks and break through the reasons why you’re not currently investing the time and effort into your email marketing.

If there are things in your business you feel you can’t afford right now, we can tell you that you absolutely would if you were investing in your email marketing. Because your ability to reach people and turn followers into content consumers through email is way higher than it is through any other method. Email outperforms social media and other marketing channels in terms of conversion.

How we got started

We started doing email marketing a long time ago, and things were different then. The technology was much simpler, and the only thing you could do was to get somebody to give you their email address. Tags didn't exist at all, and email marketing wasn’t that advanced.

But now there are a lot more possibilities and many more things you can do. There are more email marketing platforms than there ever were. And we have an ‘unfair advantage' because before we were business partners, we were friends. We were both running our separate businesses and doing our own email marketing. And we’d talk every few days and compare notes because we weren’t learning from anyone – we were just trying to figure it all out.

So we think there are 4 things you need to have if you want to be able to stop putting off your email marketing.

1. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you

The first thing we ask you to do is to surround yourself with people who inspire you and motivate you. Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of people who were talking about the money they're making through their email marketing! If you look inside our Facebook group – the Email Marketing Show Community for Course Creators and Coaches – you'll see how much money people are making on a daily basis while running a promotion.

And you can’t help but look at these different businesses and products and wonder what would happen if you invested your time in your email marketing! How would things change for you if you did email marketing instead of going live on Facebook or Instagram, for example? 

And it's not just about the money and sales. People are also talking about the replies they get, and our members always tell us how they now enjoy doing their email marketing. For a lot of people, it’s become their favourite thing to do! So surround yourself with people who are on the same journey as you. That helps you stay in that lane and be motivated.

The Top 10 Books To 'Power Up' Your Email Marketing

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2. Have someone help you become and stay unstuck

The second thing is to make sure you have someone who can help you become and stay unstuck. Because your business is different, and no matter how good any of us are at implementing our email marketing, sometimes you can't get it to work. You hit a roadblock, and you can't bring yourself over it on your own. So you might need someone else to help you point out what you could do differently and then stop you from getting stuck again. 

The psychological reason why you get stuck and can’t see why something isn’t working is that you’re too close to it. We all have preconceived notions and ideas. And every subconscious belief you've ever had that led you to create something, isn't shared by your subscribers. If you take two people (yourself and your prospective customer) you don't think the same way as they do. It's just not possible. 

You're too close to your own product

Ultimately, you know what's inside your course and how it works when it comes to your premise or what happens when your product lands through the door. You know those things because you were instrumental in putting your product together.

But your subscribers don’t know any of these things. Just because you might have mentioned something in a previous email, for example, doesn’t mean your audience understands what you’re trying to say. They’re not coming into your world and reading your emails with the inherent fluid understanding of what your business is, how it operates, and what the benefits are.

So it's easy to become attached to something you've written and think it's a clear statement of what you do, how you help people, and what your product does. But it’s never going to translate to your subscribers the way you think it will. 

3. Surround yourself with people who encourage you

The third tip we want to share with you is to make sure you surround yourself with people who encourage you. You want people who are rooting for you and provide you with some level of accountability. You want cheerleaders – people who believe in you and encourage you to send that email or set up that campaign.

One of the things we spend time doing in the group coaching calls we host twice a month inside The League is giving people permission to go ahead and do things. We tell them they’ve got this – to just hit send. Whatever it is you’ve written or recorded and now you think you can’t share, you can! We give people the level of accountability that allows them to go ahead.

Because when someone tells you you should do something, and they’re now expecting you to do it, it triggers something inside of you. It’s why people have coaches and personal trainers – to hold them accountable. And you'll get your email marketing done because you don't want to let anyone down. 

4. Learn from other people’s learning

The fourth thing is to learn from other people’s learning. Sometimes you don't know what questions to ask. It’s like knowing where you want to go, but you're not sure what bus you need to get on. In this case, you know what outcome you want. You might want to run email campaigns, for example, but you're not sure which ones. And sometimes it takes hearing someone else ask the question to know what your next steps are – for the penny to finally drop and for you to understand what’s missing.

In fact, you might have a very fixed idea of what you might want to be doing. But hearing a particular question being asked may change the trajectory of your thinking. Maybe you hear someone else doing something you didn’t even know was possible, and suddenly that’s what you want to do too.

We all have access to the Internet and search engines, right? So if we knew what questions to ask, we’d probably be able to find the answers ourselves. But you can't do that if you're stuck and don't know what to ask. All you know is that you’re doing something and not getting the results you want. You know you’re frustrated but don’t know what to ask to get yourself unstuck.

But when you hear others asking those questions you didn't know to ask, you can start getting incredible breakthroughs. And that’s when you get re-energised and excited. We find that enlightenment comes from the answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. 

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Subject line of the week

This week’s subject line is “Running away.” (And the full stop is important here). We don't often use punctuation in subject lines, but when we do it's to create a mic drop moment – a sense of impending finality or doom.

This one in particular almost becomes like a negative subject line, and we know how negativity grabs attention. A negative subject line will almost always outweigh a positive one. If you had a subject line saying something like “Five ways to make a million dollars by tomorrow”, in most circumstances, it would fall behind something like “I can't do this anymore.”

That’s because of the negative sense of impending doom. That’s why negative headlines sell papers and also why positive, uplifting stories don’t make the first page. Ever. And this was just a story about the fact that when you have a problem, you can either face it or run away.

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