Marketing and Messaging In A Crisis Podcast with Janet Murray, Paul Ince and Teresa Heath-Wareing

BONUS EP: Messaging and Marketing In A Crisis COVID-19 Special Roundtable

We all love having the opportunity to talk about ourselves, right?

Well, what if we told you that telling stories about your everyday life could actually make you sales? Can we get a hell yeah!

How should you market yourself during a crisis like COVID-19?

What kind of messaging is appropriate?

In this special episode of the show, we're joined by 3 of the best marketing minds in the whole of the UK in a frank and open roundtable discussion about what we should be doing in our email marketing during these types of events.

Tune in now to learn:

  • How do you ‘sell' during a crisis like this?
  • How do you (or should you) create links between crisis and your messaging?
  • What about ‘back to normal' or recovery messaging, what does that even look like?

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What A Good-Looking Bunch

Great photo of us all hanging out ,chatting about email marketing and messaging in a crisis.

Episode Resources

Janet Murray: www.JanetMurray.co.uk
Paul Ince (BizPaul): www.BizPaul.com
Teresa Heath-Wareing: https://teresaheathwareing.com/

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