Update – 25 March 2024

Thanks to those of you who emailed me your specific concerns and questions. I am really committed to being transparent as we navigate the path forward. This means I will answer your questions to the entire
Email Marketing Heroes community, instead of replying individually.

The four main questions come down to:

  1. Do I condone his behaviour?
  2. When did I find out about Rob’s actions?
  3. Is Rob is still involved in the business?
  4. Will you continue to have access to what you have paid for?

First up, no, I absolutely do not condone any behaviour that is criminal or degrades women in any way. It is upsetting to learn that my friend of 20 years was involved in anything like this. But as I learn more about his actions, I am both disappointed and upset about it all.

Secondly, I’m still trying to separate fact from fiction – the facts I am only learning about this week. For the past two years, everything I’ve known about this came from Rob. Police working on the case never even came to me with questions, and I wasn’t in court when he pled guilty or for the sentencing. Everything I’ve known about this has been what I was told by Rob. Rob told me in 2021 that he was being questioned by police regarding a transaction using his personal crypto account. He explained to me that he had purchased content and then later had sold it on, using a crypto account in a different name. He told me that he voluntarily went to the police station and handed over his computer and phone to assist with the investigation. Months later he told me he was going back in for questioning. I asked him over the next 10 months if there were any updates. He said there weren’t any. Then in September 2023, he told me he had been back in to speak to the police and was pleading guilty, under advisement from his lawyer. It was not made clear to me what he was pleading guilty to. His story to me had not changed. And then after pleading guilty he was allowed to freely travel internationally, use a computer etc so his story seemed to fit what I was seeing. My thinking was that if it had been something serious, or that could impact the business, even by reputation, he’d have been banned from traveling and not be able to have a computer or be restricted in some way. Right up until the day of sentencing it was played down how serious this was. I was in utter shock when I heard the sentencing outcome on Monday. And I shared the news of this the very next day with the key people in our little team – who had no idea this was even going on. (because I had no idea of the severity of it and as far as I understood it was a purely personal thing for Rob).

In hindsight, I was really naïve and trusting of someone I had known for a long time, which I deeply regret.

Thirdly, no, Rob is no longer involved in the business. We’ve removed his access to all parts of the business. This includes the Email Marketing Heroes platform, Stripe, the support desk, his own business email account, the backend business system, Automate Hero, the WordPress blog and members area, the accounting software, our internal communications system, our Asana account, Captivate podcast hosting, AgoraPulse, ThriveCart, ActiveCampaign, Keap, our social media platforms, Canva, Amazon Web Hosting, PayPal, and Zoom.

Regarding your data, there has not been a data breach. Your data is safe and secure. In fact, the only person with access to our database, in any form, is our software developer. As an added level of security, it has always only been able to be accessed from a single IP address which only our software developer has access to.

Lastly, yes, you will continue to have access to the content you have paid for. We have over 200 hours of content that Rob appears in. The team and I are working through re-recording the content. We know many of you are triggered by his presence in the content and we just ask that you are patient as we make it happen. Please know we are working super hard behind the scenes to get this done.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


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