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Write Better Emails

The Little Tricks To Write Better Emails That AREN’T Boring!

How can you write better emails? Do you think your emails are boring? Do you need to be funny? Or should you try and be more interesting? And if so, how? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and we’re sharing the little things you can do to make your email marketing less boring. Ready? Then buckle up! […]

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Best Email Marketing Strategies

The 7 BEST Email Marketing Strategies That Shouldn’t Work (But Absolutely Do!)

What are the BEST email marketing strategies out there? Well, we have 7 strategies for you that shouldn’t work, but they absolutely do! We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and the things we’re going to share might surprise you. But trust us, they work! Ready to get all the good stuff? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:33) Want to […]

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Email Marketing Strategy Plan

How To Build The Most Impactful Email Marketing Strategy Plan To Make More Sales In Your Business

How and why should you create an email marketing strategy plan? What are the pros and cons? What can planning help you achieve in your business? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and you’re about to find out how planning your email marketing activities can be super simple and effective. Ready? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:32) Want to […]

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Email Deliverability

The Truth About All The Surprising Things That REALLY Impact Your Email Deliverability

How do you improve your email deliverability? What can damage your sender’s reputation? How can you make sure your emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and we’re here to share the truth about all the surprising things that affect your email deliverability so you can have better results. Ready? SOME EPISODE […]

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Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success: How Isabelle Lesschaeve Made An Extra $10,000 With Our Paparazzi Flash Sale Campaign

Want to hear a story about fantastic email marketing success? Isabelle Lesschaeve holds a full-time job as a scientist but also runs a side hustle passion business as a wine-tasting coach. By leveraging email marketing and implementing our Paparazzi flash sale campaign, Isabelle made an extra $10,000. We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and you’re about to […]

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Email Campaign Examples

The 7 Proven And Essential Email Campaigns To Add To Your Marketing Strategy And Elevate Your Business

How many email marketing sequences do we need for our business? What are the critical email campaign examples you should have in place? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and here are the 7 email campaigns we think every business should have. Ready to take notes? (And, most importantly, take action?) SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:38) Want to […]

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Ideas To Build Your Email List

7 New Ideas To Build Your Email List In 2024 (With Extra Tips!)

What are the best ways to build your email list in 2024? What strategies are still relevant? Want to know what’s working and what isn’t? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and you’re about to get a truckload of value from this episode. Guaranteed. Ready to take action and get some awesome results? Let’s do this! SOME […]

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Best Time To Send An Email

Perfect Timing? What’s The BEST Time To Send An Email For Maximum Impact?

What’s the best time to send an email? It’s the multimillion-dollar question we always get asked. But is there a specific time? Does when you send an email matter? We’re Kennedy and Carrie, and you’re about to find out the truth about this… Ready? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (0:33) Want to carry on with the conversation? […]

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email marketing and webinars

How Paul & Emily Finally Started Making A Profit In Their Business Using Email Marketing And webinars (And Our Amazing System!)

What happens when you join a comprehensive programme that teaches you ethical and psychology-based email marketing? You start turning your subscribers into customers and making more money in your business. That’s exactly what happened to Paul and Emily Hughes from Parent Guide to GSSE, who have been successfully using a combination of email marketing and […]

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Best Email Marketing Platform

The Best Email Marketing Platform For Small Businesses (And The Ones You Want To Avoid At All Costs!)

What’s the best email marketing platform for your small business? Are some better than others? Will any of them do? Let’s find out. The email marketing platform we use and recommend – Keap People always ask what the best email marketing platform is. And the one we’ve been using as a business for more than […]

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buy email lists

Pretty Awesome Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Email Lists (And What To Do Instead)

Do people buy email lists? Should you? Does it work? Does it help you make more sales and create more success in your business?  Well, buying an email list is something you can do. But you’ve got to do it right. And keep a few considerations in mind.  Let’s have a little dive into this […]

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Update – 29 March 2024

Thank you ever so much for your words of support and encouragement. I understand and appreciate that many of you are asking for confirmation that Rob will not continue to profit from the business. I can confirm that anything Rob receives (as we complete his removal from the business), will be based on historical earnings, […]

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Update – 25 March 2024

Thanks to those of you who emailed me your specific concerns and questions. I am really committed to being transparent as we navigate the path forward. This means I will answer your questions to the entireEmail Marketing Heroes community, instead of replying individually. The four main questions come down to: First up, no, I absolutely […]

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As you may have heard, my business partner Robert Temple, was sentenced this week for a crime involving some of his personal actions. I want to assure you that this did not involve any part of the business. In fact, our business was never under any investigation. One of the most important concerns I understand […]

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email marketing waitlist

Cool Techniques To Maximise The Power Of An Email Marketing Waitlist Before Your Next Launch

Can you use an email marketing waitlist for your next big launch? Maybe you have a membership or a course and want to generate excitement, curiosity, and demand. Can a waitlist help you do that? Also, how do you keep people on your waitlist warm? How long should you run a waitlist for, and how […]

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